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Deflecting Dark Energies and Entities

Deflecting Dark Energies and Entities / Instructor: Danielle Egnew

  • Starts Oct 9
  • 288 US dollars
  • Online

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Many religions have been founded on the principle that humankind is spiritually weak and requires intercession from a priest or holy person to “ward off” darker energies. This supposed “human weakness” was a narrative derived from those wishing to have power over the masses, employing the myth of an “all-powerful evil” that human beings would not be able to resist. In spite of those unhelpful myths, dark beings, dark energies, and dark entities do exist. And they interact with us in the most unsuspecting of ways. We are all energetically frontloaded with the ability to raise our vibration to the point of deflecting negative or darker energies—no matter our belief system. How is it possible, in a world often steeped with negativity and sometimes horrific acts, to be able to create a “force field” of continual raised vibration? Join Psychic / Medium and Angelic Translator Danielle Egnew for this enaging 4-week class as she draws upon her training in not only energetic but also world religious studies, safely diving into the realm of deflecting dark energies by utilizing the angelic and elemental attributes that surround all of us. You will learn: 1. What types of entities exist in lower vibrations, and what is their purpose? 2. How to identify where we have normalized interacting with lower vibrations, and how to stop. 3. What types of energies deflect darker beings? 4. Which type of elemental objects assist in deflecting negative energies? 5. What are some of the most inaccurate myths about curses, demons, and “dark magic”? 6. How can we identify the Light Spirits that assist us in managing darker energies? 7. Participate in live class exercises throughout the course on raising our energetic field. 8. How to “dark proof” your home, workplace, or surroundings, energetically. And much more! All students will receive PDF materials prior to each class with which to follow along, which will include note space and weekly self-review feedback questions. If enrolled students cannot be present at the live class, the recorded Zoom class video archives are available for review during the class run, and for one week after the last class concludes, for a total availability of five weeks viewing time. All four classes must be reviewed in order to receive certification of the class. By clicking "Book Now / Pay Now", I understand that due to limited class space, my tuition is non-refundable.

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