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UAP's and ETs: OffWorlder History

A comprehensive OffWorld History / Instructor: Danielle Egnew

  • Started Apr 10
  • 288 US dollars
  • Online

Class Description

Do you have a connection to the sky? Do you sometimes feel that you may not “be from here”? Would you captain a starship, in another reality? Or, does the thought of “alien life” strike you with a dread you can’t explain? Then this fascinating and enlightening class is for you! Our connection to the stars is not simply anecdotal. Our DNA contains stardust, as does the DNA of our OffWorld cousins, whose varied races have explored the galaxies and trekked across the Universe in ways we have only yet to imagine. Our OffWorld Cousins have been visiting our earth for millions of years prior to Humanity even lifting an eyelash toward the skies. These complex and fascinating cultures have assisted humanity in learning and growing throughout the many versions of our human race, and have contributed wildly to our earthly culture, from architecture to spiritual principles. Sometimes, their contributions have been the things nightmares are made of. Yet the more we know—the less we fear. There are literally millions of OffWorld races in the multiverses, yet five primary races have visited—and continue to visit—our planet earth, and all of us on it. But why? Join Instructor and Contactee Danielle Egnew for this 4-week class, where participants work through personal and group exercises to learn: 1. Which races have visited us the most? How do they travel? 2. How do OffWorld Beings communicate: ET Language basics 3. What do they look like? How do they sound? What do they eat? 4. Which spiritual principles have ETs taught human beings? 5. Have our OffWorld cousins affected our gene pool? 6. Have governments borrowed OffWorld technology? 7. How to safely and wisely “call in” our OffWorld cousins 8. How to interpret messages from OffWorld Beings And much more! All students will receive PDF materials prior to each class with which to follow along, which will include note space and weekly self-review feedback questions. Students who attend all four classes (or who review the recorded Zoom class) will receive a Certificate of Completion from for the "PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT: The Empathic Gift" course from The Rocky Mountain Academy of Energetic Arts. All four classes must be reviewed in order to receive certification of the class. By clicking "Book Now / Pay Now", I understand that due to limited class space, my tuition is non-refundable.

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