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The Rocky Mountain Academy of Energetic Arts - Billings, MT

Named "The Magic City", Billings sits in an energetically blessed  valley, often referred to by Indigenous Native American plains cultures as a place where The Great Spirit would reside. As such, Billings native and Psychic / Angelic Translator Danielle Egnew ("The Road Angel", ABC, NBC, CW, Travel Channel, Washington Post) has founded the Rocky Mountain Academy of the Energetic Arts online, offering certification classes in a number of energetic and spiritual wellness practices, as well as Sound Wave Wellness  courses.

Classes are structured into intensive learning modules delivered in four 1-hour weekly classes. Instructors provide digital learning tools.

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The Academy is a learning institution whose course of study educates energetic and audio science students for both personal edification and for practitioners wishing to enter the vocational workplace.  Practical skills and techniques are imparted to students to strengthen their natural gifts and talents. The academy offers training and certificates of completion in areas of energetic study. There are no academic degrees offered at the academy. 

Certification courses will be offered in Psychic Development, ET history and UFO identification, Tonal Healing, Herbalism, Energetic Healing (Reiki, other modalities), Angelic Studies, Spirit Communication, and more. 

Meet our instructors and enroll in classes today to start your energetic journey!

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