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Melissa Scianna

 B.S. Horticulture
Certified E
nergy Practitioner


Earth Energy Disciplines
- Western Herbalism
- Herbal Formulations 
- Energetic Wellness

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Starts May 7th 2024:

Finding Useful Plants in Your Back Yard

Starts July 30th 2024:
Introduction to Earth Magic

Starts January 7th
Energy Therpay Basics

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About Melissa:

Melissa Scianna grew up in a magical (and often haunted) world in rural New England surrounded by a dense forest canopy and a new plant for her to discover at every turn. She spent her childhood mushroom hunting and gardening with her dad, and building stick and vine forts and making berry potions in the woods with the other feral children. On visits to her grandparents in Kansas, Melissa learned about wild gathering the most amazing plants with her Grandma Marlys and old-time plant breeding secrets from her Grandpa Jack who bred the most beautiful daylily and iris colors.


Melissa pursued her love of botanicals to obtain a degree in Horticulture from the University of Connecticut where she taught and met world-renowned plant breeding and horticulture experts. Then, she followed her heart to Montana, where the real adventures began! For over 30 years, Melissa has been exploring this wild and wonderful state and especially the high plains desert of southcentral Montana, where she lives. Thousands of hikes have taught her about the plants, the stones, the history and the creatures that live in this place she calls home.


As a practicing herbalist and energy healer, Melissa now uses her knowledge to help others to grow and heal as they journey through life. Her time is spent hiking and exploring the most amazing places while gathering magical, medicinal and useful plants to respectfully share with others in in many forms including oils, teas, smoke cleansing and tinctures. When not hiking, you will find Melissa gardening and growing an array of amazing plants, painting, creating unique clothing pieces.

and other textile items and generally letting her creative side run wild.  

Melissa practices Reiki, Reflexology and  Intuitive Wellness with a focus on healing plant energetics, grounding and shared messages from the Universe.  She sees clients in her Bridger, MT office, guides outdoor adventures, hosts events, teaches classes and brings people together.

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