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Rachel Seifert



School of Energetic Disciplines
- BioField Wellness
- Divination 
 Mind Wellness

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Starting March 4th 2024:
Crystals, Minerals, and Rock Medicine 

Starting April 1st 2024: 
Practical Divination 


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About Rachel:


Intuitive, Integrative therapist, owner of Olympic Counseling Services, LLC

Sound and vibrational healer, certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner (tuning fork practitioner), and owner of Northern Light Sound Healing, LLC


Intuitive, Integrative therapist, owner of Olympic Counseling Services, LLC

Sound and vibrational healer, certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner (tuning fork practitioner), and owner of Northern Light Sound Healing, LLC

Hello! My name is Rachel, and I am pleased to meet you! I am a healer, reader/oracle, and a licensed therapist in private practice.  I will tell you a little bit about me so that you can get your own sense of who I am, and how I might be able to support you. I grew up, and still live and work in, the Pacific Northwest. I was raised in a small Victorian seaport town, full of woods to roam free in with the other feral children, tumbledown Victorian houses with hidden doors, creaky floors, and ghosty attics, and we even had a haunted castle in town! Every child thinks that their childhood is the norm, and so it was with me. I was accustomed to hippies in yurts, potters and carpenters, psychics and nomads, food co-ops, daisy chains, fairies by the cala lilies along the house, and watching the flash of energy between people as they worked and played and struggled to make their way in the world. I was a strong observer.

As I grew up, I struggled with what I now know was anxiety, a common challenge for kids in general, and empaths in particular. I became overwhelmed with all I was taking in and feeling and processing and became agoraphobic (unable to leave my house) at age 12, for a whole school year. There was no help to speak of back then, and my parents did not understand, so I developed my own way to claim my life back, one step at a time. Literally.


I now know I intuitively used the Best Practices method for decreasing phobic fear and panic, called Exposure Therapy, and using what is called an Anxiety Ladder, to break free from the terror of overwhelming panic attacks. Perhaps you, too, have intuitively found many answers to life’s challenges, when there was no one to guide you, no answer forthcoming from the world, or simply from some strong internal drive or sense of how to proceed through the darkness into the Light, by grit and necessity alone.  That was the start of what was to become my lifelong path as a helping professional, which has taken on many facets and roles through the decades. 

I studied extensively with a profound spiritual teacher throughout my 20’s, a true gift. What she taught me polished all the inherent channeling skills I was born with but did not know what to do with in my childhood and teens. By my 20’s I became an oracle reader, tapping into the Akashic Records, your higher self, masters and guides, mediumship with loved ones that have passed over, and a particular emphasis on connecting with client’s past lives to root out today’s karmic problems and physical illnesses. I was a reader for 15 years, when I had a pivotal change of role, with the advent of having my first child.


For many years, I would occasionally have a client come to me for a reading, and what I was getting was that they had mental health condition(s), and needed therapy or other medical interventions, not a reading. It was time to take my role as a helping professional to the next level! I went back to university with a babe in arms, and obtained three college degrees, to become a psychotherapist. I then did three years post grad in public mental health with traumatized children and their families, and went into private practice, a 10 year learning and licensure process in total.


The next evolution of my professional helping path was to follow what my guides were showing me and add to my channeling skills and counseling practice a specific focus on energetic and physical healing skills.  I became a certified Biofield Tuning practitioner, utilizing tuning fork frequencies and sounds, to address the issues I would see in the energy fields of people ever since I was that observant young child. Balancing, repatterning, grounding, aligning, pulling out disruptions, healing tears and ruptures, removing attachments and entities, basically tidying up all that life can do or bring to our fields, which is saying something!


Our species is a magical, amazing, interactive, energetic marvel, and we bear our experience likes rings in a tree, but many things that are maladaptive or unhelpful can be healed at the energetic level before they manifest physically, or as a complimentary medicine to other healing modalities that work for you. 


This brings me up to today, and the newest phase of my path as a helping professional:  teaching here at the Rocky Mountain Academy of Energetic Arts!  I want to share freely with you all that I have learned and channeled over 35 years, so that you can apply what resonates for you, as you take your next steps in healing, wellbeing, educating, uplifting, and honoring your path in life. Be well, and we will talk soon!

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