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  • What is the benefit of being certified through RMAEA?
    The Academy is designed as an educational and vocational tool for both enthusiasts and practitioners wishing to educate themselves in the energetic healing sciences. Certain courses of study will be beneficial prior to entering the energetic workforce. A certification through RMAEA is a verification that students successfully completed the basic educational foundation in each field.
  • Is RMAEA accredited?
    No. The Academy issues certifications upon successful completion in a field of study; it does not offer associates, bachelors or graduate academic degrees, and is therefore categorized as a non-accredited institution. The Academy is a learning collective consisting of vetted and independent instructors whose course of study educates and prepares students wishing to enter the workplace, as well as enthusiasts wishing to develop their own gifts and abilities. Practical skills and techniques which are useable in entering the workforce, or starting one's own business/practice, are imparted to students to strengthen their natural gifts and talents.
  • Are any of RMAEA's classes transferable to my local university?
    Due to the unaccredited nature of the Academy, RMAEA courses are non-transferable to traditional educational institutions. The nature of the Academy's practical vocational training program is most useful for students wishing to enter the holistic or sound science workforce with a strong working knowledge in their field of interest, or for the edification of those wishing to learn more about the energetic arts.
  • Does RMAEA have a payment plan for my tuition?
    At this time, RMAEA is unable to accept installment payment plans for tuition. Prospective students are encouraged to seek alternative financing options. RMAEA does accept credit and debit cards.
  • Does RMAEA certify healers?
    RMAEA instructors have completed hundreds (some thousands) of hours of training and practice, and are happy to provide educational opportunities to those seeking ongoing education in various fields. RMAEA presents specialized education opportunities to both professionals and interested students, providing a certificate of completion that verifies each class participant has successfully completed the course of study. Certificates of completion are issued based upon completed courses of study as proof of participation. "Class completion certificates" are not equivalent to "professional vocational certifications". RMAEA does not certify individuals to practice in various fields (unless specifically indicated by specialty programs). RMAEA is happy to edify the furthering educational needs of both curious students and previously-certified healers alike.
  • Can I get a refund if I decide I don't want to pursue my course of study, or if something in my life changes?
    As with any other educational institution, tuition payments to RMAEA are non-refundable. Due to limited class space and material / prep time, we sincerely encourage every prospective student to consider the time commitment of the weekly courses prior to enrolling. We look forward to serving your inspirational and educational needs.
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