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Holly Shawver

Rouxbe Culinary School
Spring Forest Qi Gong

Extrasensory Disciplines
- Food as Medicine
- Cellular Wellness
- Consciousness in Healing

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About Holly:

Food and energy are medicine. Or, they’re poison. It simply depends on how we use them. I know this to be true, first hand.

Hello everybody! My name is Holly Shawver. I’m a mom, grandma, friend, daughter, mentor, widow, and SURVIVOR.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 lobular carcinoma in April of 2017, with a prognosis of 2 years to live. By the time it was discovered, this aggressive cancer had already spread from my left breast to my lymph nodes and deep into my bones. At the time, Doctors did not recommend surgery (or any treatments), as the western medical community decided that the toll it would take on my body would shorten my lifespan even further.

We were completely shocked as I was considered the “HEALTHY” one in my family. I went to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, ate healthy food here and there (or so I thought), and was still the same size I was in high school.

I have a large family—5 sons in total. At the time of my diagnosis, I had a high-schooler at home and a loving husband, so amidst other reasons, dying was not an option. I was focused on being a “good wife and mother”, and pretty proud of the job I was doing. I wanted to keep doing that job. So the search for help with my illness, outside the reach of what western medicine had already exhausted, began.

Though there is no known “miracle cure” for cancer and other serious illnesses, I was astounded by the vetted information I came across regarding the correlation
between food, inflammation, and disease. I was also deeply fascinated by the research done on the differing types of energy channels in the body, and how

these energy channels worked with the body’s immune system. I realized there was a great deal of hope left to be had, and past that—even the potential for wellness.

I reached out to a beautiful reflexologist, who agreed to help me, and my husband and I started to make biweekly trips to her clinic. She furthered my knowledge on the relationship between toxic foods, emotions, body energies, and disease.

This was the beginning of my new spiritual, emotional, and physical journey. I slowly began to learn, one step at a time, how to rebuild my immune system and change my cellular structure. Through proper nutrition, learning to stop masking my emotions, through meditation, Qi Gong, and many other healing modalities, I am still here, still LIVING, 7 years after my initial stage 4 cancer diagnosis, and 5 years past when western medicine gave me my best-case-scenario lifespan.

I’ve gone on to achieve certifications in rigorous food-as-wellness cooking programs, and have been a chef for others who have chosen nutrition as a tool in fighting disease.

No matter whether a person is trying to fortify their body to starve out cancer, or just wishing to create the most healthy and disease-resistant body, mind, and spirit that one can achieve in order to live their best life, I’m here to teach what I know. Every day is precious. Use it, grow it, and shine.

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